Proposal to “Strike Off” – Dissolution of a Company.

This is submission of a formal proposal to Companies House to “Strike Off” your company from the register and formally dissolve the company.

When a “Striking Off” proposal is filed, a fee must be paid to companies house. The payment to us includes settlement of this fee.
Once your “Striking Off” proposal has been accepted by Companies House your company will begin to move through a process that will eventually (around 2 months) lead to the dissolution of your company and it’s removal from the active register.

If there are any objections lodged (usually by creditors or directors of the company) the process will be halted and you will be unable to dissolve the company. We do not refund payments if your Dissolution is halted as the result of an objection as this is outside of our control.

Once the company is “Dissolved” you have no further responsibilities towards the company in any way.