7th March 2023

Registered office address, directors service address, trading address, operating address, correspondence address??? What are they and how do you know which address to use?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked as a formation agent is, what is a registered office address and is this different from my operating address? In this blog post we will explain the differences and help you understand a little more about each address.


Registered office address

 A limited company’s registered office address is its official correspondence address. This address is mandatory in the formation process and must be kept up to date throughout the company’s life.

The registered office address is the address that HMRC, Companies House and other government bodies will use to communicate with the company and is also the address which will appear on the public register. Any statutory communications and legal notices will be delivered to this address.

For UK limited companies the registered office address must also be in the same UK jurisdiction. For example, we only form Companies in England and Wales as the registered office address we provide is in England. This does not mean however that the company can only trade in the UK.


Directors service address

 The service address is the official contact address for company directors, company secretary and persons of significant control. It is a legal obligation to provide a service address for these positions which is visible on the public register.

There is no need to visit or work from the service address. This is why a professional service is a favourable choice for a lot of companies, as it protects the privacy of your personal address.

Many formation agents will offer a directors service address. We provide this service at no extra cost during for the first year. After the first year it is included if you renew the registered office address with us.


Trading address or operating address

The trading or operating address of a company is the physical address that the company is being run from. This may be an office, a factory, a shop, or your home.

This term can sometimes lead to confusion as it is not an official address and is not required to appear on the Companies House register.


Non-official correspondence address

 The non-official correspondence address is the address that your company will use for things like banking, customers/client communication and other general business correspondence. This could be your trading address, or a dedicated mail forwarding service.


Hopefully now you’re a little clearer on all the business addresses your limited company may have. For more information on our registered office address service, please head over to the beyond formation page and click on Address.