24th January 2023

What better way to get to know our partners than sitting with Ben Walton, director of Walton Accountancy, for a quick chat.

How did Walton Accountancy get started?

Walton Accountancy was a family business started by my father, David Walton. His aim was to fill the gap in affordable accountancy services, after experiencing difficulties finding the right fit when running his own business.

As the client base grew, I joined the firm which has now expanded to 11 members of staff. I have now taken on the role of managing director and hope to continue to partner with our clients to give them the best service possible.

So, what makes Walton Accountancy different to other accountants?

From the start we aim to partner with our clients. We provide a professional service, delivered in a concise and understandable way, taking the jargon out of accounts for our clients.

We offer fixed-fee monthly accountancy services which are priced and advertised in a menu style, so you can see exactly how your fees are broken down. Also we provide unlimited support and advice for all our clients at no extra cost.

As well as having a set pricing structure, we also have no tie-ins or contracts, clients are free to leave at any point, which makes us focus on giving each client the best possible service.

What made you decide to partner with 99p Company Formations?

There was an obvious gap in the market to provide affordable company formations, instead of charging hundreds of pounds like many of our competitors.

Why would our customers need an accountant?

Running a limited company is a lot more complex than working as a sole trader. There are several deadlines to meet, which is why business compliance forms a large part of the services of an accountant. The end of year accounts submitted must be filed in a set format to both HMRC and Companies House. There is a lot of tax-deductible expenditure which you would miss out on without an accountant, and we can help you structure your business so that you pay the least amount of tax legally possible.

As well as meeting these compliance needs, engaging with an accountant can help you grow your business. We will analyse your company accounts and help develop your business strategies. Engaging with us gives the directors the opportunity to do what they do best, running their business and making money.

Do you have any final advice for our customer?

I would suggest before setting up a limited company, really consider if it is the best option for you and your business. Although there are a lot of positives to running as a limited company, there are also some negatives which should be considered, such as the ongoing costs and compliance requirements.

If unsure, it’s always worth chatting to an accountant or an adviser first. I know the 99p Company Formation team are always happy to discuss this before forming a company, as are the team at Walton Accountancy.