17th February 2023

As a director of a limited company, you’ll want to focus on doing what you do best. Not worrying about keeping your limited company compliant.

That’s why here at 99p Company Formations we offer a range of services, which can be found on the beyond formation page.


Services we provide:

  • Confirmation statements
  • Dormant accounts
  • Company dissolution
  • Registered office address renewal
  • Change of accounting reference date
  • Shareholder and director changes
  • Company name change


Although running a company doesn’t have to be complicated there are several legal requirements you as a director must complete to stay compliant with HMRC and Companies House.

These include:

The annual submission of a confirmation statement (CS01) to Companies House. This is your opportunity as the director to verify the data held on record. As well as being an annual requirement, a confirmation statement also has to be submitted when making changes to shareholders, statement of capital, trading status and companies’ nature of business (SIC code).

Company accounts to Companies House. The type of accounts you must file depend on the size of your company and the trading status. There are four classes Micro-entities, small, medium and large. The turnover of your company will determine the class you fall into.

Company Tax return or CT600 to HMRC. If your company is registered as active at HMRC you must file full accounts to HMRC regardless of your size. This may include the submission of a “NIL” corporation tax return if you company has not traded over the past year.  “NIL” corporation tax returns are usually referred to as “Dormant” accounts.

You are also as a director required to register for self assesment and submit an annual self-assesment return each year.

With this in mind, we would strongly suggest that any trading limited company seeks the services of an experienced accountant. They will not only complete the required services but will also make sure no deadlines are missed.

If you are looking for accountancy services, our partners at Walton Accountancy would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and provided you with a quote. They even offer a month of free support to all our new registrations.